mothercare watford

A residential apartment scheme developed as a conversion of the former Mothercare Headquarters in Watford.
A conversion of the Mothercare headquarters into a residential scheme comprising 145 apartment units in the heart of Watford.

Total Units


Acquisition Date

Q4 2018

Completion Date

Q3 2022

the origins

BYM acquired the Mothercare building in 2020. Mothercare continued to occupy the building following the acquisition of the building. During this time BYM established its development plan and progressed the scheme through planning.

the brief

BYM acquired the Mothercare building with a view to leveraging its town centre location to create a range of desirable apartments for both sale and for rental.

design philosophy

Plans have been created to best leverage the potential of the former Mothercare site. The plans contemplate a conversion of the offices into a scheme of apartments additionally to the development of new build units on the wider site.

development plan

the development

The Mothercare scheme will provide a range of apartments within the existing office complex. Construction began in 2020 and further planning work is being undertaken alongside the strip out of the office building.

the properties

The properties at the Mothercare scheme in Watford will provide a range of stylish, high quality apartments including a two storey new build extension to the existing building. The properties are designed to appeal to the local market looking for a city centre living solution.

Former Mothercare building video